Godello: A-Okay, Yo 07/18/11

Well folks, it looks like that time is upon us once again, and the number of posts in which I’ve featured red wine is precisely double the number devoted to white. But despite my issues with this 2:1 ratio, and my subsequent urge to review another dozen or so reds in an effort to broaden the disparity to a more respectable level, the #Bteam varietal mafia (my very favorite Twitter-based mafia) has once again seized the reins of that wild, wine-buying horse in my head – and so today I talk about a white.


The brain is in fact much like the horse: majestic, yet obsolete.

Speaking of said mafia, feel free to join us; it’s pretty simple to participate. Each Monday (or somewhere thereabouts) a different underappreciated varietal is chosen for drinking, and summarily drunk. You can join in on the fun simply by using the #Bteam hashtag when you tweet about wines made from an unusual grape – we’ll be watching. There’s also a schedule of grapes, for all you organized types, which you can check out here.

Oh, and if the verb “tweet” didn’t clue you in, we generally share our notes on Twitter (or our blogs, for those of us diligent enough to maintain them) and we’ve already amassed a formidable following of winos and wine-knows, where the old welcome the new, the knowledgeable educate the knowledge-unable, and all palates are created equal – a real community.


Our first choice of logo was taken, though.

But let’s not kid ourselves. If you’re reading my blog, you probably don’t interact very well with others, and that’s just fine. Others suck. So I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you about Godello (pronounced goh-DAY-oh), a white Spanish grape noted for its floral and mineral notes, albeit still with a nice helping of fruit. My first foray into Godello was less than spectacular, but on my second try I found a wine worth writing about: the Val de Sil 2008 Godello Sobre Lias, from the Valdeorras denomination in Galicia, Spain. I picked this up for $15 at a PA state store.

nullIn the glass, this poured a surprisingly corporeal shade of yellow, despite its youthfulness (a mere three years of age, for those of you who suck at math). It gave off aromas of a vaguely papaya-esque musk that might also have been a flower of some sort, along with apple and white peach after breathing – nice complexity for the price point.

On the palate the wine gave off more notes of apple (this time sour), along with pear and peach – but not all at once. No, the wine saw fit to reveal these notes one at a time, as though I were progressing through new realms of insight with each sip. Although the wine contained 13.5% alcohol, there was barely any heat to speak of, as the fruit and acidity did their parts to keep it subdued. This Godello was medium-bodied with a long, fruity finish.

I award the Val de Sil Godello Sobre Lias thumbs up – and a high 9 at that. A great July wine. So go buy it.

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Will July 20, 2011 Reply

Sounds like my kinda wine. I may pick it up!

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