About Me


Hi! My name is Jason Cohen. I’m 24 years old and recently graduated from Arcadia University with an MA in English. I earned my BA in English from Cornell University in May of 2009. I drink a lot of wine; while at Cornell, I even took a wine tasting class!

I almost failed the wine tasting class…but there was no tasting component to the exams, so who really cares?

For a year afterward, I took notes on all the wines I drank, at which point friends and family must have decided I was becoming rather insufferable. They suggested I start a blog, likely hoping that if I started writing about wine I wouldn’t have to talk about it so much. If only they knew…

You can expect 1-2 updates a week (unless I’m having a bad week [in which case you can expect more]). Most of the wines I discuss will be under $25, but I’m making sort of an effort to discuss interesting varietals, or else wines from interesting places.

I’m living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania right now, so you might also notice a questionable emphasis on local wineries, and/or wines that are on sale through the PA Liquor Control Board’s Chairman’s Selection program. Sorry about that.

Questions? Comments? Effusive praise? Send it on over to jason@convictedforgrape.com